Connect your wallet to start playing.


How to Buy LRT

1-Connect your wallet

Visit via your preferred browser on your phone, click on"Connect Wallet" Select the wallet app you want to connect to, this will automatically open the wallet app on your phone. "Sign" the transaction on your wallet to verify your wallet. .


Open your browser, navigate to, and click on “Connect Wallet” Follow the prompts and approve the connection using your wallet extension.

2-Select payment method

Choose your preferred payment method (ETH, USDT, Card, etc.) for purchasing LRT tokens. Input the amount of currency you want to spend or the quantity of tokens you wish to receive.

Follow Payment Instructions:

Buy with Crypto
Enter amount of currency/tokens.
Press “Buy Now”.
Accept transaction in wallet.
Buy with Credit Card
Enter amount of currency/tokens.
Press “Buy Now”.
Complete the step by step KYC process.
Insert your Card information.
Accept payment.
3-Add Token to Your Wallet

After the transaction has been completed and confirmed, you can add the LRT token to your wallet using the smart contract address provided on this page. You can also check your current token balance on

4-Claim Vested Tokens

At the end of each vesting phase (monthly), you can claim your vested tokens. Simply connect your wallet to the website, click the “Claim tokens” button, and accept the transaction in your wallet.

Additional Tips:
  • Ensure that your wallet has sufficient funds for the desired purchase including gas fees.
  • Double-check the amount and payment method before confirming the transaction.
  • In case of any issues or inquiries, contact our customer support for assistance.