Road Map

Who Is The Company Behind Landrocker?
- Concept and R&D for play to earn game - Early testing on Ethereum blockchain - Development of a system capable of generating planets and communicating off chain - Prototyping of the game as a mobile app using Ethereum and EOS - Multiplayer support added - Testing DOT to improve performance - Added proof of location, an algorithm to hide the rewards in the planets without our knowledge of their position - First Windows version developed - Began optimizing the development process for multiplatforms (Mobile- Windows- MacOS) - Tested on the EOS (WAX) blockchain for wallet support - Added controller support, Optimized development for consoles (PS4 & XBOX) - Began developing PvP game mode, a battlefield with a rich story on Mars - Balanced the in-game economy, Created the flow of winning in Battle mode and getting a reward in Exploration mode