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LandRocker is pushing boundaries in the multiplayer play-to-earn (P2E) industry, offering an exhilarating mix of exploration, combat, and strategic resource management. The game's dynamic economy provides multiple avenues for earning, catering not only to play-to-earn gamers but also to traditional enthusiasts and investors seeking passive income opportunities within the game.
B- Earning passive income
The LandRocker economy goes beyond rewarding players for their active gameplay. It also offers attractive earning opportunities for those seeking passive income.
1. staking
Lock in your LRT tokens and watch them grow based on the current Annual Percentage Rate (APR). It's a safe investment that multiplies your LRT steadily.
Get fuel instantly by staking your LRT tokens. The more LRT you stake, the more fuel you get.
Stake your LRT tokens to earn exclusive NFT rovers instantly. The better your rover, the richer your galactic harvest becomes.
NFT Staking
Craft or buy planets, then stake them to transform them into incredible mining stations. Earn a share of the fuel cost every time a player travels to your planet.
2. referral
Earn money by inviting friends to play the game, visiting the website, or joining LandRocker’s social networks. These actions earn you points to buy other assets in the game's point shop.
C- Earning from side activities
LandRocker features a marketplace where players can trade assets directly with other players. In the Marketplace, you can purchase all essential game assets (excluding the minable ones). These assets are crucial for enhancing your cosmic adventures and maximizing your earnings. Equip yourself with the best tools and resources to ensure a successful and rewarding journey through the galaxy. Here are all the items you can buy from the Marketplace:
  1. rovers: Essential for mining operations and exploration.
  2. fuel: Necessary for powering your spaceships to reach planets.
  3. Weapons: Vital for defending against alien threats and enhancing your combat capabilities.
  4. planets: Unique territories you can own, allowing other miners to mine and earning you money from their fuel costs.
  5. Companions: Trusted allies that assist in various tasks.
  6. Suits: Provide protection and boost your survivability in hostile environments.
  7. Loot Boxes: Randomized packages containing valuable items, resources, and upgrades.