3D Game Landing
Uncover the Wealth of anEver-ExpandingAI-Generated Universe
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Embark on a thrilling journey with LandRocker, where you lead fighters and rovers against alien enemies, mine crypto, and travel across AI-crafted worlds.
Discover Infinite Realms
Adventure across endless unexplored realms.
Liberate planets and extract crypto treasures, materials, and blueprints.
Earn valuable resources, tokens & NFTs.
Seize Total Control
Choose from various Battle & Mining modes to conquer the unknown.
Navigate challenging terrain, uncover hidden rewards, and demonstrate your prowess for an adrenaline-fueled experience.
Fight off alien forces & lay your claim on our Universe!
Diverse Game Modes Await
Embark on thrilling adventures across three main game modes:
Engage fierce alien adversaries in Play-to-Liberate mode.
Uncover materials, blueprints, and tokens in Play-to-Earn mode.
Compete for valuable hidden crypto rewards in Play-to-Win mode!